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Sep. 19th, 2006 | 05:22 pm

I AM BACK, after two weeks of working in fort nelson, i have pictures i may put up later of the place and stuff, but i had lots of fun there working, even thought my hand and knees hurt from it. least i got to visit a bit with my dad and stuff. what was i doing? lots of stuff like cutting 20 gauge sheet metal to nail to the wall, screwing stuff into the wall and cleaning up lots of parts and stuff. all in all it was fun.. .. no i am serious i did have fun. plus i got paid doing it. and learned a bit about tools and stuff. what was i helping build? a 84 room hotel (days inn). i am glad to be back thought soon i will go back to posting and stuff like that, well missed you all talk soons 'hugs hugs'
thank you chi

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