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Death 2 Reality


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28 June
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my name is shinaira alexandria galalander, or at least on the net ^_^ there isent much i can really say here.. .my msn is in japenese due to my sister.. i am trying to learn it and want to one day visit japan.

i like watching anime, and reading manga, i like books and RPGs, the kind of music i like i j-rock, i like drawing and writing (i have various fanfics accounts) i like watching horror films and forgin films best. reason being because in forign films there usally is a fresh new idea there that you dont find alot in hollywood these days, japenese horro films are the best i have yet to see one that i hated ^_^ there so cool because you usally have to pay alot of attention to them plus theres alot of gore in them ^_^

i like to go for walks especially in the rain and i think things can look more beautiful at its worst, i like winter better ebcause the scape looks prettier with snow on it ^_^ i also like fall for the same reason. i like having meaningful converstaions and stuff like that.

i also like history, my hero from the books is alexander the great, ^_^ for someone who had such a short life he sure did conquar alot, plus he had good intentions when he did >_> he also was an alchoholic, somewhat flamboyantly gay (norm back in ancient greece) and killed alot of people, but he still did alot in his life time that was good and amazing for that time period.

i used to be in cadets but because of how little control the officers had over the cadets and everything else we were bassically babysitting them so there was no more point in going i made it to a po2, ^_^ chi, i ahve also have been to quadra twice >_> and completed my trade group gunnery 1 cource >_>' yes i know how to march and do drill, i always had to hold the flag durning ceromonies ^_^ i loved it it was fun fun fun.. till your arm fell off from hlding the flag so long -_-'

dont judge a book by its cover ^_^ i am more then i appear, my personality is shy unless i get to know you chi ^_^

name: shinacira alexandria galalander
age: 116
gender: N/A
height N/A
weight: N/A
alias: shinacira, sheik, silvia, cornay, chels, hail, zero, sin, blood shadow, chels

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